The good mood revolution

Pandemic gardener - Starting a Gardening 101 in a format that is easy to understand. Join me as I explore the world of gardening and self sufficiency, one planter bed at a time.

Let’s grow a good mood!

research centre

There is so much information available online. However we find that there is a gap in content for a more local audience. At Good Mood Greens, we are exploring what works in our local climate with minimal budget and effort. This will be our knowledge depository where trials and tribulations are documented and shared with you guys!


Kitchen waste processing centre.

raised planters
raised planter beds

Lockdown gardening beds.

first time veggies

Ginger bois.


In the search for a good bargain, we have scoured the interwebs (shopee and lazada) for affordable items to take the guess work out of your purchases.
Black and decker
grass trimmer

Black and Decker 


Price : RM 293.70


Watering Can
watering can

5 L Watering Can 

comes with lid

Price : RM 23.05



Watering nozzle
spray nozzle

Hose Spray nozzle

(8 modes)

Price : RM 15.84

good moods brewery


Stay tuned for something exciting.



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Architect/pandemic gardener. Keen on growing greens and making it through the next virus outbreak.

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Good mood ambassador

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