Hello internet.
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Hello internet.

This will be a quick introduction to the writer behind these scribblings. 

My name is Carrie, founder of Good Mood Greens. All of this started during the pandemic in 2020. We had some renovation work done to the house and we built some raised planter boxes to keep us occupied for a few months. A few months turned into 2 years of on and off lockdowns. The garden did not really progress until mid-2021 when I realised that it is going to be quite a long way until we find our way back to normalcy. 

I generally have a tendency to keep myself constantly busy. Days and months passed and I started clearing out the garden.  I was cutting the grass, getting rid of overgrown weeds, clearing planter boxes and ultimately thinking about starting Good Mood Greens. Working as an architect, things do get quite hectic and I found myself running out to the garden the moment I could clock off work. It helped me keep active and mentally sane during the lockdown. Simply put, my greens put me in a very good mood. I do realise that Good Mood Greens does sound like something else entirely but this name really captures my intent to build a community where we can all share this good mood.


A lot of the content that I find online seems geared towards a foreign audience however I do think that there are a lot of avid gardeners in Malaysia that would appreciate information that has been localised.  As I tend to garden on a budget, I have spent hours scouring for cheaper items and options online. Since I am already putting in the effort, why not document this and help more people save money and time. I intend to distill the information as much as I can to get more people interested in gardening and self-sufficiency.

It would be great if I was able to reach out to more new gardeners and be able to build a platform for backyard gardeners in Malaysia. 

What do I get out of this? For now I enjoy gardening and in the future I do intend to build a career out of this. How? I am not sure how yet but hopefully you stick around for the ride and let's see where we can go from here. 

This is my first post. Welcome to the Good Mood Greens family.


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